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Our Aim

Cancer and AIDS Shelter Society (CASS) is a charitable organization promoted by a group of women of Kottayam together with Sr. Dolores Kannampuzha, Medical Mission Sisters, Kottayam. This has been formed to offer love, comfort and shelter to the needy and poor Cancer and AIDS patients.


CASS have during the past few years of operation conducted a lot of awareness programmes in several schools , colleges and other places in Kottayam and neighbouring districts. We have directly and through the media, succeeded to some extent to highlight the publics apathy to and non-acceptability of the HIV affected persons and the need for an attitudinal change.


As a matter of policy we encourage and insist that the patients stay with their families, at least in the same premises as they should not be ostracized or thrown out of their own home base. We have made people know that with proper medication and diet an HIV affected person can live a normal life for over 20 years. Also as the awareness increases the stigma fades gradually.