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Dear Friend


Greetings from CASS, Kumaranalloor.


CASS is a charity oriented organization founded by Sister Dolores Kannampuzha of the Medical Mission Sisters and supported by a group of philanthropic and committed women in and around Kottayam. The Society, founded in 1999, has been rendering valuable service to HIV/AIDS affected as well as Cancer  patients and their families in central Kerala for the last 15 years. Due to the stigma related to the spread of HIV/AIDS, these patients have been segregated from the society and CASS is extending help to those whom the society hesitates to help.

Currently, CASS   supports more than 100 families and facilitates the education of over 125 children of HIV/AIDS affected parents. This includes a few orphans too. Besides, there are widows or widowers who are aged and helpless. Moreover, there are also new born babies under our care. They need baby food as they cannot be fed with breast milk of the HIV affected mothers.
Although an increasing number of HIV affected persons are approaching us for support, we are unable to include them under our umbrella due to financial constraints.           

Our main activities are the following:

1. Conduct monthly meetings of patients and their dependents for medical check ups, giving medicines, provisions, clothes, health mix and financial support.

2.Conduct HIV/AIDS awareness classes in the community, especially in high risk categories.

3.Conduct adolescent health education programmes in schools and colleges.

4.Give educational support to the dependent children.

5.Provide spiritual, emotional and moral support to families by visiting them frequently.

7.Visit the hospitals especially Govt hospitals for identifying  new of HIV positive patients.

8.Celebrate  common feasts such as Onam and Christmas where all the patients along with their families are invited to  a meeting held at the presence of local leaders and other dignitaries. In this platform, our cause is also made known. On such occasions competitions are held for sports and other  cultural events and prizes are given.

9.At the school opening period, the children  of all HIV affected parents under our care are given  necessary school uniforms and other   accessories such as umbrellas, notebooks dictionaries etc urgently required by them.

During the monthly get together of patients and their families as mentioned above on every Second Monday of the month here at ‘Snehatheeram’, CASS, the patients share their sorrows, concerns as well as joyful events among themselves and with the counsellors and staff of CASS.


  The regular monthly expenses incurred by CASS  are  given below.

Monthly Expenses of CASS


Item Rs.


Medical Allowances to patients





Rice & food supplements for patients






Education of children of HIV positive parents




Patients’ immediate needs

like hospital expenses, sanitary facilities, repairing houses etc.




Baby Food (Lactogen) for new born babies





AIDS Awareness Program




Travelling Expenses including Patients’ home visits


30, 000-00


Salary to staff & laborers






Administration Expenses




Miscellaneous Expenses including repairs & maintenance








Yearly Expenses 3, 53,000*12=Rs.42, 36,000.00

(Rupees Forty two lakhs thirty six thousand only)


These expenses are being met from the voluntary contributions of our friends and well wishers. However due to the present inflation and escalation of prices, we are no more able to meet all these expenses from the above contributions. And more over, we wish to support another 200 families who have approached us for help.

We request your kind self to be generous enough to contribute towards our Corpus Fund, the interest of which can be used for our various activities in catering to the urgent needs of our less fortunate brethren.

We have started two small profit making units:

1) Making paper carry bags by engaging 5-7 poor women from the neighborhood.

2) Making candles by engaging another set of women.

These items are  now sold in the local markets. We  solicit your support in finding  new markets  for these products so as to generate some additional funds for our activities. Similarly we would be glad to associate ourselves with you in such minor projects, if any.



We wish to inform you that 50% of your contribution is eligible for relief u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.


May God Bless you abundantly in all your endeavors.


Thank you.


With Best Regards,


Mrs. Alice John

Chair Person, CASS